group home

Who we are and what we do:

We are a family that likes to take care of kids that act out and are hard to live with.  We love kids that need to be loved and appreciated, who need structure, consistency, and accountability. We take boys of all ages but can make the most difference with kids who are younger when they are placed.  Our family is not traditional but then neither are our kids.  Some of us are called mom, dad, uncle, cousin or just by our names. We bond, we play, we teach, and we help them learn while we accept and love one another.  We go on outings, we eat dinner together, do chores, hang out and go on vacation.  We do all of this with boys that would otherwise be in residential centers that are more institutional and we do it in a regular neighborhood where our kids can learn about everyday life and still stay safe.

For Placement Information

Laura Richmeier--Administrative Director      419-944-7142