Our Approach

RTH takes a special approach to youth care. Our group home, the Moffat House, is a community based program that is able to handle high risk kids with severe emotional and behavioral issues in a family style setting.  Our close supervision, social skills instruction, personal relationships, and motivational systems all work together to take care of kids in a house in a neighborhood and lets them attend public schools while learning how to function in the community. Many of our youth could only be cared for in a more restrictive residential setting prior to coming to our program.

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 Our Story

Richmeier Therapeutic home was founded by Kyle and Laura Richmeier.  Kyle and Laura went to work at Boys Town in Nebraska as Family Teachers and fell in love with youth care.  At Boys Town they were certified as Family Teachers and selected to work in the Specialized Treatment Program.  They also worked int the training center.  They eventually moved to Ohio and ran a girls group home in 1998 and in 2004 opened a boys group home.  In 2006 they founded the Richmeier Therapeutic Home our of a need to create a home and program that could serve youth that couldn't function in other community based programs.  Today several trained Teaching-parents and other personnel work alongside of the Richmeiers to maintain a valuable program for youth in Ohio.


Who We Are


Laura Richmeier

Administrative Director

Laura Richmeier serves as the agency's administrative director but wears many hats.  She works hard to provide family style living for the boys as much as possible and enjoys teaching all of the team at RTH how to "create childhood memories"  for the youth in care at the group home.  Laura serves as the Treatment Planning coordinator, Crisis Intervention Specialist, and in house Case Management in addition to many other administrative responsibilities.  In her downtime she loves creating cozy home atmospheres, mentoring other women,  hosting tea parties and all things elegant and feminine.

Joseph Angles

Professional Consultatnt

Joe has worked in the field of youth care for many years in several different capacities.  He and his wife Karen were treatment foster parents for many years.  They also have six children of their own.  Joe draws on his previous years of service with Adriel School, to help RTH stay on top of training requirements, presenting workshops throughout the year.  Joe is a LSW and has several years of experience as a mental health counselor, a pastor, and a youth care consultant.  Joe is an fan of Ohio State, loves the Cleveland Cavaliers, and playing board games with his family.


Kyle Richmeier

Board President

Caring for youth in need has been a long time interest for Kyle who first worked at a children's home while attending college.  Coming from parents who took in foster children themselves, Kyle always knew he would have a home for boys.  Kyle and Laura lived in group homes and loved the lifestyle of being Teaching-parents for many years.  Together they have fostered, adopted, and raised many youth.  Kyle currently serves as board president and is involved in training Teaching-parents, crisis intervention, treatment planning and planning for the future goals of RTH.  Kyle loves classic cars, overseeing remodeling projects, going to movies, and working out.

Thomas Urbina

Lead Teaching-Parent

Thomas has been with RTH for over a decade now.  Thomas is especially good with helping kids calm down and stay focused on the blessings in their life.  He enjoys being a "dad" to the boys and takes a special interest in making the home fun and comfortable.  While the boys are at school Thomas keeps up with repairs and loves to fix up the boys rooms with built in chalkboards, shelving for their collectibles and lots of other custom creations.  Thomas is an avid Michigan fan and can always be spotted by his maize and blue attire.  Thomas enjoys watching his favorite team,  taking care of his own four children, and poking fun at Ohio state fans!

Mike Daum headshot

Michael Daum

Assistant Group Home Director

Michael Daum came to RTH after college and we quickly realized he is a natural with kids.  Mike keeps a level head in crisis, is a good listener, and is incredibly patient.  He is understanding yet firm and is able to manage lots of day to day details in our busy group home while developing solid relationships with our boys.  He describes himself as a "sponge" because he has an incredible memory and is able to keep an encyclopedia of information in his head regarding all of our youth and their history.  Mike oversees day to day operations of the group home with great success. He loves hockey, the NFL, NBA, white water rafting, zip lining and acting silly for the boys!  .  He is a great asset to our program.

Mason Smith

Lead Teaching-Parent

Mason attended a birthday party for one of our youth one year and we quickly realized he has a way of relating to kids.  We invited him back and hosted "game day with Mason" since he was so good at playing board games with the boys.  We soon recruited him as a Teaching-parent.  Mason still loves playing games with the boys, planning fun outings, encouraging boys to make good choices, and helping them plan for the future.  Mason heads up our Youth Employment and Independent Living programs and has a drive to help kids succeed.  Mason loves video games,  watching football, and paintball.

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