Learning new things

This week Mike, Mason, and Laura attended the OACYCP (Ohio Association of Child & Youth Care Professionals) conference.  We attended several workshops and learned all kinds of information that will help us provided better care and services for our youth.  We learned the most updated information about the Bridges program and got first hand information from Northeast Ohio Adoption Agency about the process of finding adoptive homes for foster youth.  We also heard a moving message from Don Bartlette, author of Macaroni at Midnight,  about how one person in his life helped bring healing in the midst of trauma and disability.  We enjoyed learning what it means to be emotionally competent and how to foster emotional competence in our youth.  Other adventures at the conference included Mason and Mike entering a Euchre tournament, Mike once again loosing something very important and finding it the next day, and seeing an American Bald Eagle up close!

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