Meet Helene

Some of you may have met Helene or heard about her since she has been a part of RTH for the last year.  Here is a little more about her.  Helene is a recent graduate of the University of Toledo and is a native to Ohio.  She loves our boys and enjoys helping to make their lives richer and memorable.  Helene serves as the Household Assistant to the Moffat House Group Home.    Helene does all of the household shopping for the group home each week.  She also makes sure all of the boys have adequate clothing and that they are part of choosing what they want to wear. She does regular clothing inventories and personal interviews with each youth.  Helene makes sure all of our boy’s birthdays are celebrated with decorations, cake, ice cream and a personalized gift.  She is responsible to make sure all significant holidays and events are celebrated in ways that leave lasting memories for our boys.  Helene is currently putting together individual digital scrapbooks for the boys filled with photos and tidbits about their year.  Helene is the fiancé of our Assistant Group Home Director Michael Daum.  They are planning a wedding in the spring that we are looking forward to with them.

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