“childhood memories”

Looking ahead…

Getting Geared up for Christmas

Santa and his elf (i.e Laura & Helene, lol)  have been busy scurrying about Amazon, Walmart, Game stop and various other places gathering lots of items for our boy’s Christmas!  It’s such a fun time of the year.  10 boys, over 50 gifts, 10 kinds of wrapping paper, and lots of “childhood memories!”

Our Traditions

Traditionally we have a family Christmas party on Christmas eve where the boys exchange gifts with one another and with us Teaching-parents.  We also read the Christmas story, attempt to sing a few Christmas songs and play some games.  Christmas morning the boys find filled stockings to occupy them until we all assemble to open gifts one by one from youngest to oldest.  We all then head to IHOP for a pancake breakfast and bottomless hot chocolate.