Independent Living Classes Underway

Independent Living Classes have started and are well underway for all of our youth that are ages 14 and older.    We have two small groups that are meeting each week led by Lead Teaching-Parent Mason Smith and Household Assistant Helene Moulopoulos.  The schedule for the quarter is as follows:


  • What is Independent Living?
  • Adjusting Goals
  • What is a risk?
  • Introduction to Budget and Money Management


  • Making a Budget Worksheet
  • Shopping Outing to Walmart
  • Understanding Credit


  • Importance of Saving
  • Savings and Checking Account Management
  • Introduction to getting a job
  • Understanding my medication

All of the topics that will be addressed follow the recommended focus areas from the ODJFS Independent Living Skills Toolkit.

Thanks to a grant disbursement from Title I part D through Sylvania Schools, we have been able to purchase a set of Life Skills Curriculum through the Arise Foundation, electronic tablets for each youth to use and all supplies needed to help the program a success.